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Journal Club May 2016


Topic is Aortic Aneurysms. Papers are:


open TAAA repair Coselli

FEVAR article type II and III TAAA


Carotid Journal Club

April 2016 Journal Club

Vascular Journal Club will be on April 19, 2016 at the usual location. Presenting will be:

Dr. Dimitri Virvilis –synchronous carotid and coronary artery disease

Dr. Max Wohlauer –neurorescue -please be prepared to discuss cerebrovascular anatomy

Dr. Roy Miler –vertebral translocation


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March Journal Club -Peripheral Aneurysms



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February Journal Club -Venous Disease

February 16, 2016 630pm at Foundation House.


Dr. Mohammed Abbasi – joi150040 -Effect of a Retrievable Inferior Vena Cava Filter Plus Anticoagulation vs Anticoagulation Alone on Risk of Recurrent Pulmonary Embolism A Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA 2015;313:1627-1635.

Dr. Keith Glover –PIIS1078588413005947 -Percutaneous Manual Aspiration Thrombectomy Followed by Stenting for Iliac Vein Compression Syndrome with Secondary Acute Isolated Iliofemoral Deep Vein Thrombosis: A Prospective Study of Single-session Endovascular Protocol. Eur J Vasc Endovasc Surg 2014;47:68-74.


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January Journal Club January 19, 2016

post angio

At usual location. Topic renal and mesenteric vascular disease. Presenting are:

Dr. Michael O’Neil – Symplicity HTN3

Dr. Daniel Scott –Reop OR Mesenteric Ischemia CCF-Mayo

Dr. Lynsey Rangel –Open v Endo Mesenteric Ischemia

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May Journal Club

May Journal club is upon us. The winner of April’s was Dr. Hardy who gave an excellent review of Gwon et al’s paper on covered versus bare metal stents in malignant SVC occlusions. The presenters are (with link to PDF).

Dr. Wohlauer: EVLT vs. Stripping

Dr. Vargas: Compression stockings for PTS

Dr. Abbasi: Balneotherapy in advanced CVI

Journal Club SVC

April Journal Club

April Journal Club is coming up on us this Tuesday, April 21, and will be centered around SVC Syndrome and central venous occlusive disease. Dr. XY Teng won the award for best presentation in the March Club meeting. Our presenters this Tuesday are:

Dr. M. Abbasi – Aldoss et al link

Dr. D. Hardy – Gwon et al link

Dr. L. Rangel – Bakken et al link

Same rules apply. See you there.

Journal Club

March Journal Club -3-10-2015

The February Journal Club’s winner was Dr. Daniel Lopez.

The March Journal Club is a week earlier because St. Patrick’s Day falls on the usual day we have the Journal Club. To my international readers, St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th) is an important holiday in the United States to celebrate St. Patrick, bringer of Christianity to Ireland, by quiet contemplation of that seminal event.

Assuming the truth of genotype analysis, the Celts migrated out of West Central Asia prior to the bronze age -tombs in Mongolia have found red haired maidens in woolen plaid tartans, making them a far flung Asiatic people. Prior to St. Patrick’s conversion of the Irish, they were known for a fierce reputation wherever they settled. The Celts were even in the Middle East for a while, and have a chapter of the New Testament named after them -Galatians (Celts). The Romans tired of continuously fighting them in Northern Italy, Spain, France, Wales, Anglia, and eventually built a wall to keep them in Scotia and Hibernia. When they weren’t fighting foreign invaders, the Irish were excellent at fighting among themselves, and were eventually locked in to a plantation type share-croppery that failed when a blight affected their primary calorie source, the potato, causing an Irish diaspora that has enriched the world. So journal club is a week earlier in honor of St. Patrick.

March 10, 2015, at the usual venue, we will meet to discuss thoracic outlet syndrome. The papers are being presented by:

Dr. Xiaoyi Teng –nTOS paper link

Dr. Dimitrios Virvilis –vTOS paper link

Dr. Max Wohlauer –Paraclavicular Approach TOS paper link

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February Journal Club Articles -Aortoiliac Occlusive Disease

Congratulations to Dr. Moqueet Qureshi who gave the best presentation at the January journal club. It was a close one as all the presentations were excellent analyses of their papers. This months journal club presenters are:

Dr. Daniel Lopez: paper link -Humphries et al. Outcomes of covered versus bare metal balloon expandable stents for aortoiliac occlusive disease. JVS 2014;60:337-44.

Dr. John Weber: paper link -Aihara et al. Long term outcomes of endovascular therapy for aortoiliac bifurcation lesions in the Real-AI Registry. J Endovasc Ther 2014;21:25-33.

Dr. Michael O’Neil: paper link -Vallabhaneni et al. Iliac artery recanalization of chronic occlusions to facilitate endovascular aneurysm repair. JVS 2012;56:1549-54.

The Journal Club will start at 6:30pm, congregating at 6pm for conversation, dinner and beverages, at the Foundation House, Cleveland Clinic and Foundation.

Journal Club

January 2015 Journal Club

Congratulations to Dr. Francisco Vargas for his December Journal Club presentation. January’s club meeting will be on the 20th.

Dr. Moqueet Qureshi: Open vs. Endo Popliteal Artery Aneurysm Repair

Dr. Deanna Nelson: VIASTAR Trial

Dr. Hazem El-Arousy: Cryografts in Infrainguinal Bypass