Journal Club

March Journal Club -3-10-2015

The February Journal Club’s winner was Dr. Daniel Lopez.

The March Journal Club is a week earlier because St. Patrick’s Day falls on the usual day we have the Journal Club. To my international readers, St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th) is an important holiday in the United States to celebrate St. Patrick, bringer of Christianity to Ireland, by quiet contemplation of that seminal event.

Assuming the truth of genotype analysis, the Celts migrated out of West Central Asia prior to the bronze age -tombs in Mongolia have found red haired maidens in woolen plaid tartans, making them a far flung Asiatic people. Prior to St. Patrick’s conversion of the Irish, they were known for a fierce reputation wherever they settled. The Celts were even in the Middle East for a while, and have a chapter of the New Testament named after them -Galatians (Celts). The Romans tired of continuously fighting them in Northern Italy, Spain, France, Wales, Anglia, and eventually built a wall to keep them in Scotia and Hibernia. When they weren’t fighting foreign invaders, the Irish were excellent at fighting among themselves, and were eventually locked in to a plantation type share-croppery that failed when a blight affected their primary calorie source, the potato, causing an Irish diaspora that has enriched the world. So journal club is a week earlier in honor of St. Patrick.

March 10, 2015, at the usual venue, we will meet to discuss thoracic outlet syndrome. The papers are being presented by:

Dr. Xiaoyi Teng –nTOS paper link

Dr. Dimitrios Virvilis –vTOS paper link

Dr. Max Wohlauer –Paraclavicular Approach TOS paper link

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