Journal Club

November Journal Club


November Journal Club is going to be on November 11, 2014, at the Foundation House. The October session was well attended and excellent discussion was had on the INSTEAD-XL, EVAR-1, and 3 year duplex surveillance papers. David Hardy, MD, won the prize for best presentation, a fine text book from our sponsors, WL Gore. The papers to be discussed and discussants are listed below for the November Journal Club which will be earlier than usual because of the Thanksgiving holiday and the VEITH Symposium.

Deanna Nelson, MD – ACAS link

Roy Miler, MD –Carotid stenting versus redo CEA link

Daniel Lopez, MD –Contralateral occlusion impact on carotid interventions link

Our sponsor for that club is yet to be determined, but the club rules remain the same, particularly the 15 slide limit.


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